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Meeting of the members of the National Council of Judiciary in Poland 12th of July 2018

‘You are listed as a person who went to Brussels to slam Poland’ said Law and Justice’s MP Krystyna Pawłowicz on a session of National Council of the Judiciary of Poland. This way she has justified her opposition against taking into consideration a candidate for the Provincial Administrative Court. Nobody has voted in favour of the candidate and the list of ‘those who slammed Poland’ was distributed among all members of the Council.
Unexpected interruption
Today National Council of the Judiciary of Poland has adopted resolutions regarding recommendations for Polish President to appoint judges for positions in various courts. Members of panels considering candidates presented relevant documents as CVs, assessments of supervisors and superior judges. When judge Joanna Kołodziej - Michałowicz presented opinion of her panel regarding judge Marta Kożuchowska - Warywoda her speech was interrupted by Krystyna Pawłowicz with passion: ‘The point is that Madam Marta Kożuchowska - Warywoda is listed as a person who went to Brussels to slam Poland. She is simply politically biased. In the photos she can be seen standing next to judge Żurek with a candle and she is calling with him... they are standing there together with the candles in front of Sejm [Polish Parliament building] and in front of the court. She is clearly political activist. And she is the one who acquitted... oh, no she  is not this one... Anyway, judge Kożuchowska - Warywoda is extremely politically biased and she doesn’t even try to keep it secret, she went to Brussels. I am strongly opposed, such a person...’
It’s not a secret
Krystyna Pawłowicz’s passionate speech was interrupted by switching off her microphone in the end. Judge Kołodziej - Michałowicz patiently explained that candidates attach various documents regarding their non-judicial activity. She would say additionally: ‘Madam candidate left unsaid her activity regarding these matters, but I am sure the majority of the Council is aware that Madam Warywoda is an active member of Polish Judges Association ‘Iustitia’.
Pawłowicz: ‘Listen, I’ve got a list here...’
Krystyna Pawłowicz, relentlessly, raising her voice stated as well that she’s got, a list of judges who visited European Parliament in March to meet Vice - President of the European Council Frans Timmermans, Commissioner for Justice Vera Jourova, European Court of Justice’s judges and other judges and barristers from various member states.
Distribute the list
‘Our reform was not projected to allow such kind of people defiantly submit their applications!’ cried Krystyna Pawłowicz as she was offering the list other members of the Council to read. Judge Leszek Mazur, Chairman of the Council, who presided the meeting, seemed embarrassed. Stanisław Piotrowicz, the other Law and Justice’s MP suggested to let the list ‘circulate’ and Krystyna Pawłowicz proposed to copy it for other members. Leszek Mazur decided to make copies and distribute them to the members of the Council.
No votes in favour of the candidate
As it was quite easy to guess, when the candidature of judge Marta Kożuchowska - Warywoda for the post of judge in the Provincial Administrative Court was put to a vote, she did not stand much chance. None out of the 20 members of the Council voted in her favour. 14 others were opposed and 6 abstained from voting.

Judge of the District Court Marta Kożuchowska - Warywoda is the president of Warsaw branch of the Association ‘Iustitia’.