We are an independent, apolitical and self-governing association of Polish judges.
Our main mission is to defend freedom and civil rights, which are the democratic foundations of Poland - a member of the the European Union.
We have been operating for more than 25 years, also as part of different international organisations of judges. We associate over 3,500 judges, most of them in Poland.

The Disciplinary Chamber suspends Justice Paweł Juszczyszyn from his post and reduces his renumeration

#JUSTICEFORPAWELJUSZCZYSZYN The Disciplinary Chamber suspends Justice Paweł Juszczyszyn from his post and reduces his renumeration (to prepare this information fragments from the text of English version of IUSTITIA’S report “Justice under pressure” were being utilized; full version of the report is going to appear in print in February 2020) Judge Paweł Juszczyszyn is a judge of the District Court in Olsztyn, who by virtue of the decision of the Minister of Justice was delegated to adj...

An open letter addressed to polish judges by Union Syndicale des Magistrats (USM)

The letter is available here (pdf).

Observations on the proposed Amendment of the Law on the System of Ordinary Courts, the Act on the Supreme Court and certain other acts (Sejm form no. 69) from the perspective of German and European constitutional law

PROF. DR. FRANZ MAYER LL.M. (YALE), University of Bielefeld, Faculty of Law, Chair for Public Law, European Law, Public International Law, Comparative Law and Law & Politics.

Observations (pdf)

European judges support Polish independent judges, joining the silent march on 11.01.2020

mapka zagranicznego wsparcia marszu 1k tog

Open Letter to the President of the European Commission regarding Poland’s disciplinary regime for judges and the urgent need for interim measures in Commission v Poland (C-791/19)

Ever since the European Commission initiated a third infringement procedure in respect to the recurrent attacks on the rule of law by Polish authorities last April, the situation has continued to seriously deteriorate. We have now reached the unprecedented and frightening stage where Polish judges are being subject to harassment tactics in the form of multiple arbitrary disciplinary investigations, formal disciplinary proceedings and/or sanctions for applying EU law as interpreted by the ECJ or ...

Commissioner for Human Rights Concerned by 55 disciplinary actions against judge K. Markiewicz & suspension of district judge Juszczyszyn.

https://twitter.com/CommissionerHR/status/1202277638359920640 https://rm.coe.int/report-on-the-visit-to-poland-from-11-to-15-march-2019-by-dunja-mijato/168094d848 48. The Commissioner was alsoconcerned by the numerous reports she received of disciplinary proceedings being instituted against judges and prosecutors formatters such as: speaking out in public on the topic of the government’s reform of the justice system; requesting preliminary rulings by the Court of Justice of the European Unio...