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A short account on protest: Prosecutor Krasoń’s case, Crocow, 29.12.2020

Basic facts.

Public prosecutor Mariusz Krasoń works in the high level Crocow branch of the Prosecutor's Office. He is a member of the independent Association of Public Prosecutor's Lex Super Omnia. After he has undersigned a statement denouncing illegal pressure on prosecutors inflicted by the MoJ Zbigniew Ziobro and top public prosecutor Bogdan Święczkowski, he was immediately demoted to the basic level prosecutor's office in Wrocław, distanced around 300 km from Cracow. Paweł Krasoń challenged this decision to the court. After the tough judicial battle he won his case against the prosecutor's office: he was brought back to his office and awarded damages. All in all 12 judges from basic, regional and appellate courts were involved in this judicial battle.

Currently, former military public prosecutor of basic level Piotr Myszkowiec, who lately skyrocketed to the special branch of prosecutor's office , which is focutes on charging judges, summoned all those 12 judges as witnesses but all the same the case is concerned with abuse of judicial power. The subject of the case poses imminent threat to the judges involved and poses a "chilling effect" on all judges. Prosecutors scheduled these interrogations for today, 29th of Dec. 2020 and the middle of January 2021.

The event.

Despite festive season and restrictions caused by the pandemic, more than 30 judges, among others members of Associations Iustitia and Themis decided to assist their colleagues, who were summoned to the prosecutor's office for today. We accompanied them and waited for them until they left the prosecutor's office building. The declaration supporting summoned judges was delivered publicly in front of the prosecutor's office building by judge Dariusz Mazur.  Many of us held placards with inscriptions supporting our colleagues and expressing our resistance to intimidation of judges by politically subordinated public prosecutors. While protesting we were watched by police forces and photographed by them. Uniformed and non uniformed police officers occured. Prosecutors, who were present in the building, were secretly watching us through drapes.

In conclusion.

It is important to highlight that this action undertaken by prosecutors focused on prospective investigation into judges who issued a judicial decision needs to be regarded as a blatant abuse of power by the public prosecutor's office. Additionally, we keep it clear that we will accompany our colleagues during next interrogations and that we are not intimidated.

Judge, Bogdan Jędrys,




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