Support of the greek association of judges and prosecutors to the polish judges

The Administrative Council of the Greek Association of Judges and Prosecutors expresses its great concern for the continuous attacks against the independence of Judiciary in Poland.

The European Court of Justice issued interim measures in case C-791/19R ordering the Disciplinary Chamber of the Polish Supreme Court to cease hearing disciplinary procedures against polish Judges in first and second degree, while the proceedings as to whether it is an independent body complying with the requirements of European law are pending. Nevertheless, Poland ignored the ruling of the ECJ and continuous to harass Polish Judges with criminal or disciplinary proceedings for carrying out their judicial functions in accordance with the principle of judicial independence or for exercising their freedom of expression or their right to be a member of a judicial association.

All the members of the Administrative Council of the Greek Association of Judges and Prosecutors, which represents 3.000 members of the Greek Judiciary, sign the letter of the European Magistrates addressed to the European Committee, in order to undertake further action aimed at observing the Union Treaties and the execution of the decisions of the Court of Justice of the E.U., so that the  judiciary independence and the rule of law will be respected by all the Member -States of the European Union.