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Does the Minister of Justice - Prosecutor General Zbigniew Ziobro intend to prosecute the Supreme Court judges for adopting a legal interpretation in their judgment?


"Prosecutor Krzysztof Parchimowicz is summoned by investigators from Bialystok, first they wanted him to give testimonies, in which he would provide the evidence of guilt for himself, now he is summoned again to give testimony, which can be used for an unprecedented accusation of the judges of the Supreme Court for the verdicts they had given."

"In this case Parchimowicz has already testified before the Parliamentary VAT Investigation Commission, he admitted that he was recommending other prosecutors - it was not an order - to apply Penal Fiscal Code to VAT tax crimes, because previously investigators tended to abuse the provisions of the penal code, treating every suspect for tax undervaluation - even in small matters - like a serious criminals, in his (Parchimowicz`s) letter he also referred to two Supreme Court`s judgements rendered in 2008, including such an interpretation of the penal law. "

"The Bialystok investigation conducted on the orders of the National Prosecutor Bogdan Święczkowski and initially concerned the Parchimowicz`s letter only. The investigation also started over the Supreme Court judgements and ther both investigations were joint together. Both Parchimowicz and the judges of the Supreme Court are blamed by the prosecutors that through the legal interpretation allegedly they had helped to avoid tax fraud.

"The Bialystok investigation is not the first example that the prosecutors start to undermine or even disregard court rulings, including the Supreme Court." OKO.press wrote about the resolution of the Supreme Court, which did not please the Prosecutor Bogdan Święczkowski, so he called on investigators to disregard it. . "



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