The Disciplinary Spokesman gives up the accusations against judges participating in the Pol'and`Rock Festival in Kostrzyn nad Odrą in August 2018.

Disciplinary Spokesman of the Judges of Common Courts informed on January 10, 2019 that his deputy judge Przemysław Radzik has completed explanatory proceedings regarding the professional misconducts by judges participating in court trial simulations - judges Monika Frąckowiak and Arkadiusz Krupa - during the Pol`and`Rock Festival in Kostrzyn nad Odrą in August 2018

During the proceedings the Spokesman established that during the Pol'and`Rock festival in Kostrzyn, the judges Monika Frąckowiak and Arkadiusz Krupa used official attire in the form of a toga and chain with the image of an eagle, contrary to the provisions of art. 84 § 1 The Law on the Common Courts, and their meeting with the audience was not a simulation of a court hearing. An example of this behaviour was the operation of SSR Arkadiusz Krupa, who parodying the behaviour of the presiding judge in the criminal trial, allowed himself unacceptable behaviour in the form of wearing the chain with the image of the eagle on a gymnastic clothes, and therefore inappropriate use of the symbol of judicial power. Consequently, the above could not lead to the desired goal in the form of legal education of the society.

The Spokesman found that convincing each of these judges that their actions were aimed at achieving socially desirable effects, based on scenarios prepared by one of the NGOs, and further assuring them that being convinced of the importance of their activities at the Pol'and Rock festival, these judges did not realize that the laws and rules of professional ethics indicated at the outset were actually violated - it was the basis for completing the explanatory proceedings and not instituting disciplinary proceedings against judges Arkadiusz Krupa and Monika Frąckowiak.