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A message from Turkish judiciary association head Murat Arslan sentenced to 10 years to prison

Esteemed Colleagues/True Friends,

I am writing this message to express my deepest gratitude for the unwavering support and tireless efforts that you have extended to me and other Turkish colleagues during our ongoing difficult times. You have been a beacon of hope and strength for all of us, and your contributions have made a significant difference in our life especially for those who have been in prison cells for years.

MEDEL’s voice has been heard all over the world, and its efforts have played a significant role in ensuring that the international community has not turned a blind eye to this institutionalised injustice.

It is the greatest virtue to maintain the trust in law and justice until the end, and thus to protect the law of all individuals impartially, despite all kinds of pressure.  As a judge who continues to defend independence of judiciary in a prison cell in Ankara, I respectfully greet my fellow friends and colleagues who have this virtue and gives it its due. And I extend my special gratitude to Polish friends for their tireless efforts and frontier position throughout my ordeal, and remarkable contribution to our case. I wish you a successful and productive conference and please accept my heartfelt appreciation and deepest respect.

From my part, here, once again, I promise to continue my solidarity with you until the end.

Blessed are those who keep the solidarity alive for justice and peace!


Murat Arslan

April 7, 2023

Murat Kolaż