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Haiters affair. Civil lawsuit launched. Zbigniew Ziobro sued


Haiters affair. Civil lawsuit launched. Zbigniew Ziobro sued

publication 2022-11-24 15:42

update 2022-11-25 08:59

A civil trial related to reports of a campaign organised at the justice ministry to discredit and heckle Krystian Markiewicz the president of the Polish Judges`' Association Iustitia began on Thursday before the Warsaw District Court. The defendant in this case is, among others, the Minister of Justice.

The lawsuit in this case was brought by Iustitia`s President. He sued the State Treasury represented by the Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro, Łukasz Piebiak - the former Deputy Minister of Justice and the judge Jakub Iwaniec delegated to the ministry - for 'spreading organised hatred against him and the judicial community'. According to Markiewicz, the defendants are responsible for the letter with offensive, false and disparaging information against him. The head of Iustitia is demanding that the defendants publish an apology and donate PLN 50,000 to the Senior Judge's Home Foundation.

The first hearing in this trial was held on Thursday 24th November 2022. Neither Minister Ziobro nor the other defendants appeared before the capital's court. Judge Markiewicz testified on Thursday that in June 2018, he received an anonymous letter - which, he reported, contained offensive, untrue and defamatory reports about him and his family. The same letter was also sent to his partner, he added, and the contents of the letter also reached a large group of judges around him by email.

The letter, he said, contains disparaging slanders about his work at court and university. The untrue and offensive information, he added, also concerns his private life, his family. "Almost everything except the year of birth in this letter is a lie," he stressed.

In his opinion, after the press reports on the matter and after reading the content of the letter itself, there is no doubt that Łukasz Piebiak and Jakub Iwaniec were involved in a plot to discredit him. Asked about the motives that might have been behind the possible intention to defame him, he replied that the justification was his position in the judicial community. "The justification is that I am at the head of a judges' association that defends the independence and independence of judges and the courts," he - He added.

Ziobro's defence counsel Pawel Zielinski, referring to the allegations, asserts that the head of the Ministry did not know anything about the existence of the letter that was sent to Markiewicz. As he added, the minister had no knowledge of the functioning of the "Kasta" discussion group and still knows nothing about it apart from his knowledge of media reports. The defence

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