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The meaning of the participation of the politically shaped neo-NCJ in the appointment of a judge.

Polish prosecutor demands Denmark hands over man suspected of murder in Oświęcim
- Investigators in the Malopolska Regional Office have already charged him with murder, for which he faces up to life imprisonment. The prosecution in Oswiecim wants the trial to take place in Poland

- However, the Norwegian justice system has the right to oppose the request from Poland and try to bring Ingebrigt G. back to his country.

- If this were to happen, the suspected murderer of Pamela Sz. would be tried for a crime committed in Poland before a court in Norway. There, the maximum sentence for murder is 21 years.
- On Sunday (6 November) afternoon, the District Prosecutor's Office in Oświęcim sent to Denmark the charges it wants to bring against Ingebrigt G. The Norwegian citizen is the main suspect in the murder of Pamela Sz., which took place in one of the blocks of flats on in Oświęcim.
- The man was arrested in Denmark for 72 hours on Saturday evening. To ensure that he would not be released after this period, the Polish side sent a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) after him, which had to include charges for the man.

- A return letter from Denmark arrived on Monday addressed to the Regional Court in Krakow (which issued the European Arrest Warrant on Ingebrigts G. on Sunday). The judges from Denmark want to know whether a duly nominated judge or perhaps a 'neo-judge' appointed with the involvement of the new National Judicial Council will rule in the Norwegian trial in the future.