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Appeal by the National Board of the Polish Judges Association IUSTITIA on the deteriorating situation of legal professionals in Afghanistan dated August 17, 2021

We are witnessing the tragedy in Afghanistan, affecting people who want to live in peace and to live in a country with respect for human rights. The Taliban takeover of power poses a real threat to all people lining there, especially lawyers, including judges on duty. Women lawyers, including the female judges, are at particular risk of their lives. We cannot remain indifferent, we cannot stay aside  in this situation. Therefore, we appeal to the Polish government to take all measures to ensure the safety of Afghan female and male lawyers, including issuing them with humanitarian visas and accepting them in Poland as refugees and ensuring their stay in our country. It is our duty as the member of the international democratic community. At the same time, as an Association that respects human rights among its principles, we are ready to engage in real humanitarian aid for the families of Afghan lawyers, especially women judges, whose current situation is the most dramatic.