The spokesman for National Council of the Judiciary (NCJ) managed to gather 88 per cent of his signatures in the Ministry of Justice (

The record-breaking Maciej Mitera, judge and spokesman for the NCJ, collected as many as 88 per cent of his supporters’ signatures from the judges delegated to the Ministry of Justice. Other high scorer, Slupsk-based judge Joanna Kolodziej-Michalowicz, hasn’t got a single supporter from Slupsk. Five judges from Krakow signed three lists at a time.

The day the “muzzle law” came into effect, the Sejm (lower chamber of Polish Parliament)  Administration Office published list of supporters of the “neo-NCJ”., has analyzed the list for Maciej Nawacki who collected 28 supporters. Five of them withdrew later their support, two others turned out to be the very person’s signature, and his wife’s. But that’s just the beginning of all the oddities and quirk anomalies to be found there.

Obviously, the least shocking revelation was the fact that the future members of NCJ backed up one another. The most amicable of them was Rafał Puchalski, ex-member of Iustitia, District Court judge in Jaroslaw, present President of Regional Court in Rzeszow, delegated to the Court of Appeal in Rzeszow and the member of the “neo-NCJ”.

Puchalski’s signature supported following persons:

Dariusz Drajewicz

Jarosław Dudzicz

Grzegorz Furmankiewicz

Joanna Kołodziej-Michałowicz

Jędrzej Kondek

Maciej Mitera

Maciej Nawacki

Dagmara Pawełczyk-Woicka

Paweł Styrna

Yet, of all the NCJ members only Drajewicz supported Puchalski.

Maciej Mitera, the record-bearer

Judge Maciej Mitera, the spokesman for NCJ, gathered 25 signatures. As many as 22 of them come from the judges delegated to the Ministry. That amounts to the astounding 88 per cent of “ministerial” votes. Three signatures are by judges from Warsaw who were not connected to the Ministry. One of them was promoted to the post of Court President shortly.

On Mitera’s list first entry is Lukasz Piebiak’s. Piebiak, former under-secretary in the Ministry of Justice, was ousted in the aftermath of the August 2019 “hate scandal”. Those judges who have worked in the Ministry, are indicated by an “M”:

Łukasz Piebiak – District Court, Warsaw, M

Rafał Puchalski – District Court, Jarosław, M

Karol Dałek – Regional Court, Lodz, M

Paweł Krystian Zwolak – District Court, Jaworzno, M

Dariusz Andrzej Pawłyszcze – Regional Court, Krakow, M

Andrzej Skowron – District Court, Tarnow, M

Grażyna Kołodziejska – Court of Appeal, Warsaw, M

Ewa Degowska – Regional Court, Plock, M

Joanna Przanowska-Tomaszek – District Court, district Praga South, Warsaw, M

Kamil Cichowski – District Court, Lodz, Central District, M

Marcin Kowal – District Court, Warsaw, Central District, M

Agnieszka Halina Hajto – District Court, Krakow, District Krowodrze, M

Henryk Juliusz Walczewski – District Court, Krakow, Central District M

Szymon Chrobak – District Court, Prudnik, M

Piotr Rogoziński – District Court, Wejherowo, M

Dorota Radlińska – Regional Court, Warsaw

Urszula Wieczorek – Regional Court, Warsaw

Jolanta Korwin-Piotrowska – District Court, Bialystok

Marcin Ozimek – District Court, Jelenia Gora, M

Jakub Iwaniec – District Court, Warsaw, Mokotow District, M

Tomasz Szmydt – Voivodship Administrative Court, Warsaw, M

Paweł Mroczkowski – District Court, Janow Lubelski, M

Dariusz Drajewicz – District Court, Warsaw, Mokotow District, M

Rafał Reiwer – District Court, Chojnice, M

Katarzyna Anna Dil – District Court, Elk, M

Drajewicz in the footsteps of Mitera

Dariusz Drajewicz, a judge in the District Court in Warsaw, Mokotow, started collecting signatures from the delegated to the Ministry, too. His supporters were:

Paweł Krystian Zwolak – District Court (DC) judge, Janow Lubelski, M

Maciej Jakub Iwaniec – DC, Warsaw Mokotow, M

Rafał Puchalski – President of the Regional Court in Rzeszow, M

Andrzej Skowron – DC, Tarnow, M

Tomasz Szmydt – Voivodship Administrative Court, Warsaw (also in the Ministry )

Dariusz Andrzej Pawłyszcze, RC, Krakow, M

Marek Korczyński – DC, Piaseczno, M

Katarzyna Naszczyńska – DC, Warsaw, Praga, M

Agnieszka Anna Walkowiak – DC, Elblag, M

Rafał Krzysztof Kierzynka – RC, Gorzow Wielkopolski, M

Kamil Janusz Cichowski – DC, Lodz Central Dictrict, M

Joanna Maria Przanowska-Tomaszek – DC, Warsaw Praga South, M

Paweł Mroczkowski – DC,  Janow Lubelski, M

Henryk Juliusz Walczewski – DC, Krakow Central District, M

Maciej Andrzej Mitera – DC, Warszawa Wola, M

Grzegorz Krysztofiuk – DC, Warszawa Mokotow

Jacek Łabuda – RC Warszawa Praga

Robert Marek Bełczącki – DC, Warsaw-Mokotow

Michał Krzysztof Bukiewicz – DC, Warsaw Praga South

Konrad Kamil Wytrykowski – RC Legnica

Marek Witold Gajdecki – DC, Jelenia Gora

Joanna Monika Oliwa – DC, Warsaw Zoliborz

Agnieszka Stachniak – Rogalska – DC Warsaw Zoliborz

Edyta Zofia Dzielińska – DC Warsaw

Łukasz Kluska – DC Pruszkow

The names toward the end of the list aren’t quite random, either. One of the judges is Drajewicz’s partner, another one works in NCJ, Konrad Wytrykowski is a judge in Disciplinary Chamber in the Supreme Court, judge Lukasz Kluska had been made Court President by Ziobro’s Ministry of Justice  even before signing the lists.

Dudzicz starts from Slubice, but…

The list of supporters for Jaroslaw Dudzicz, District Court judge in Slubice, starts in somewhat more optimistic note. In the beginning the whole page is signed by the local Slubice judges:

Krzysztof Rafał Rataj – District Court, Slubice

Sebastian Bartłomiej Popiołek – District Court, Slubice

Monika Anna Węgrzyńska – District Court, Slubice

Michał Przysiecki – District Court, Slubice

Aneta Szarejko – Płończak – District Court, Slubice

Renata Maria Sikorska – District Court, Slubice

Mariola Krystyna Marczak – District Court, Slubice

But further on, almost only “ministerial” judges follow:

Rafał Puchalski – President of the Regional Court, Rzeszow, M

Maciej Jakub Iwaniec – DC, Warsaw Mokotow, M

Anna Elżbieta Dalkowska – DC, Gdynia M

Rafał Jaroszewski – DC Ilawa, M

Marek Jaskulski – DC, Poznan Old Town District

Agnieszka Gołaszewska – DC, Warsaw M

Dorota Charkiewicz – DC, Warsaw, M

Agnieszka Anna Walkowiak – DC, Elblag, M

Małgorzata Kanigowska – Wajs – DC, Warsaw Praga South, M

Rafał Krzysztof Kierzynka – RC Gorzow Wielkopolski, M

Maciej Andrzej Mitera – DC Warsaw Wola, M

Andrzej Skowron – DC Tarnow M

The remaining six signatures form a “Krakow list” (as explained below), printed out as a separate sheet. It has names of the following persons: Dagmara Pawełczyk-Woicka, Bartłomiej Migda, Piotr Skrzyszowski, Irena Bochniak, Przemysław Wypych, and added as the sixth judge, Jędrzej Kondek.

Judge Joanna Kolodziej-Michalowicz outsources

Joanna Michalowicz-Kolodziej has been proposed to NCJ by her husband, Andrzej Michalowicz, who serves as the President of the Regional Court in Slupsk, nominated by Zbigniew Ziobro. District Court judge from Slupsk broke the record in the “outsider” category – she hasn’t got a single signature from Slupsk, not even from the region.

The list consists of three parts. The first one contains 15 signatures. Almost all of them (13 of 15) are “ministerial” judges, including well-known figures in the like of ex-vice minister Lukasz Piebiak. Two signatures outside of the Ministry, are by Marek Jaskulski and Maciej Nawacki, both members of the “neo-NCJ”.

The following are all the signatures for the judge Joanna Kołodziej-Michałowicz:

Henryk Walczewski (DC Krakow) – M
Paweł Mroczkowski (DC Janow Lubelski) M
Rafał Puchalski (DC Jaroslawiec) M
Maciej Mitera (DC Warsaw Wola) M
Małgorzata Kanigowska-Wajs (DC Warszawa Praga South) M
Dorota Charkiewicz (DC Warsaw) M
Marek Jaskulski (DC Poznań Old Town District)
Agnieszka Gołaszewska (DC Warsaw) M
Rafał Jaroszewski – DC Ilawa M
Anna Dalkowska – DC Gdynia M
Jarosław Dudzicz – DC Slubice M
Paweł Krystian Zwolak – DC Janow Lubelski M
Jakub Iwaniec – DC Warsaw Mokotow M
Łukasz Piebiak M
Maciej Nawacki – DC Olsztyn

The second page contains signatures of judges from Southern Poland. Far from Slupsk, but closer to Zbigniew Ziobro. The first five of them are “good change” judges from Krakow courts. The next four ones are those who worked in the Ministry of Justice.

Irena Bochniak – DC Krakow Podgorze
Bartłomiej Migda – DC Krakow Nowa Huta
Dagmara Pawełczyk-Woicka – DC Krakow Podgorze M
Piotr Skrzyszowski – DC Krakow Central District
Przemysław Wypych – DC Krakow Krowodrze
Jędrzej Kondek – DC Warsaw M
Andrzej Skowron – DC Tarnow M
Antoni Batko – DC Zamosc M
Urszula Klejnowska-Mosiołek – DC Jawor M

The third page contain names of judges from Katowice and Dabrowa Gornicza, which are admittedly situated somewhat nearer to Slupsk than Krakow, but 600 kilometers remain nevertheless. Five of them, by decision of Zbigniew Ziobro’s Ministry of Justice, have been recently promoted to managerial posts. Rafal Stasikowski ultimately made his way even to the Supreme Administrative Court.

Patryk Poniatowski – DC Katowice-West
Rafał Stasikowski – Court of Appeal DC Katowice-West
Łukasz Ciszewski – DC Katowice-West
Grzegorz Grzyb – Katowice-West
Małgorzata Tracz – DC Dabrowa Gornicza
Izabela Bieńko-Maj – DC Dabrowa Gornicza

The judge has also managed to collect the most signatures from the future members of NCJ. They were Marek Jaskulski, Jędrzej Kondek, Maciej Mitera, Maciej Nawacki, Dagmara Pawełczyk-Woicka, Rafał Puchalski.

Of all the 30 supporters as much as 60 per cent are those who have worked in the Ministry of Justice (18 judges). Thus, the judge from Slupsk has got three kinds of supporters: “ministerial”, “Krakow list” and judges from Katowice and Dabrowa Gornicza serving in various managerial posts.

The “Krakow list”

Three members of NCJ have sheets of paper printed out in exactly the same way, showing the same set of five judges from Krakow: Dagmara Pawełczyk-Woicka, Bartłomiej Migda, Piotr Skrzyszowski, Irena Bochniak, and Przemysław Wypych. They only change order.

The typical example of such “Krakow list” with all the five signatures is the list supporting the judge Jedrzej Kondek:

Judge Dudzicz’s list contains the same five signatures, the sixth one being judge Jedrzej Kondek:

The following list belongs to judge Joanna Kołodziej-Michałowicz. Here, too, we find the same five signatures of judges from Krakow, the sixth being judge Jedrzej Kondek, and three other judges working on delegation in the Ministry of Justice.