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Washington Post: If you think the U.S. is having a constitutional crisis, you should see what is happening in Poland

Poland’s government and Supreme Court are engaged in an epic battle.

"The European Union may start to respond more aggressively to defend Polish judges. Recently, the European Commission took the rare step of asking the ECJ to adopt “interim measures” so as to suspend the functioning of the Disciplinary Chamber. The commission may also bring more actions before the ECJ in coming weeks, possibly targeting the new muzzle bill and the captured Constitutional Tribunal.

Poland’s government would probably pay more attention if the European Union decided to suspend the flow of E.U. funds. Poland is the largest recipient of E.U. funding, and cutting it off from E.U. support would have serious economic consequences. Whatever happens, this fight has enormous consequences for the rule of law in Poland, and in the European Union more generally. The First President of Poland’s Supreme Court said late last year, “the rule of law in Poland is not simply at risk: it is being erased.” If the European Union blinks, other E.U. member state governments with autocratic inclinations are likely to take advantage."