Resolution of the XXIV Ordinary Meeting of Delegates of the Polish Judges Association "Iustitia" in Toruń on 8-10.03.2019

The Ordinary Meeting of Delegates of the SSP "Iustitia" indicates the following priorities in the Association's activities:

1. Involvement in the activities of the Social Codification Commission in the preparation of a real judicial reform based on the following principles:

  1. restoration of the National Council for the Judiciary in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Poland through the selection of judges by the judges in universal, equal, secret and direct elections,
  2. basing the new law on the National Council of the Judiciary on the project prepared by the "Iustitia",
  3. increasing the participation of citizens in the functioning of the judiciary,
  4. determining new rules of administrative supervision over common courts,
  5. entrusting administrative supervision over common courts to the reformed National Council of the Judiciary,
  6. increasing the competence of the judge's self-government in the scope of court functioning, including the election of court presidents;
  7. introduction of the position of a common court judge with uniform rates of remuneration, related to the general length of job seniority,
  8. introduction of budget separation of common courts,
  9. re-designing the model of disciplinary liability of judges, guaranteeing them the right to court.
  1. Defence of judges harassed by disciplinary proceedings and other forms of harassment.
  1. Supporting postulates of administrative employees regarding decent wages.
  1. Fight against hate speech in public space, including educational projects.
  1. Organization of trainings for judges on European law, including consumer rights.
  1. Intensifying actions in the field of lies reaction, as well as other forms of offending judges.
  1. Further cooperation with the legal community and non-governmental organizations in defence of the rule of law, including the organization of Polish lawyers' congresses