Appeal to not initiate Pol-exit

Dear Mr. President, 

In the coming few hours, you will receive applications for appointing political judges of the Supreme Court.  Participation in these nominations will mark the start of Poland’s actual exit from the European Union. Pol-exit in the centenary of Independence will destroy the efforts and sacrifices of generations of Poles for the good of their fatherland.  Interviews with the candidates lasting a dozen or so minutes, poor documentation of their professional achievements and politicization of the National Council of the Judiciary mean that this procedure is unreliable. In its latest decisions, the Supreme Court mentioned that the provisions of the Act on the Supreme Court may be inconsistent with the fundamental principles of the EU treaties.  This is also the position of the European Commission and important international organizations.  It would be appropriate to wait for the judgment of the EU Court of Justice out of respect for the importance of the resolution of this matter. There are times when history offers a choice.  You still have such a choice and it is you and not the politicians or members of the National Council of the Judiciary that the whole world is watching.


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