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E-mail scandal: ‘Some journalist should ask me about it’. How the government’s narrative about ‘anarchy’ in the judiciary was created


'I would very much like them to be shorter and very succinct, using words such as: we cannot allow legal chaos, conjugating this through all cases, and using the thesaurus, namely anarchy, disorder, inertia, mess,’ Morawiecki wrote.

The text was published by Onet.pl in Polish. 

  • Further messages exchanged between people from the Prime Minister’s office have been posted on the web.
  • At the end of 2019, Mateusz Morawiecki asked his colleagues to prepare a series of messages to convince the Poles that the courts are suffering from chaos.
  • The prime minister’s request coincided with the disciplinary proceedings that were ongoing at that time against Judge Juszczyszyn.
  • The correspondence also contains the name of the then-Supreme Court Judge Małgorzata Manowska.