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Piebiak recommends "smash the kaściak (caste member)". Commissioner Radzik orders a denunciation of Żurek [OKO.press and ONETU press investigation] 21.04.2022


"Smash some kaściak" - this is how Łukasz Piebiak wrote to Michał Lasota, deputy chief disciplinary commissioner, in the fall of 2018. Lasota nodded, and the second vice-commissioner, Przemysław Radzik, ordered an "anonymous" denunciation on Judge Żurek from Mała Emi

OKO.press and Onet have found the records of conversations in groups on WhatsApp and Signal were conducted by judges who support the changes in the courts introduced by the current authorities. They were concentrated around the former Deputy Minister of Justice Łukasz Piebiak.

This is another confirmation of the scandal disclosed by Onet in 2019. Among the judges who favor the current government, there was a group of people who took part in actions discrediting judges who were critical of the changes in the courts introduced by the PiS government. An active member of this group, often referred to as the "chieftain" or „mob leader”, was the then Deputy Minister of Justice Łukasz Piebiak.

Now, as a result of the investigation by OKO.press and Onet, we know more and more outrageous details. Yesterday we revealed that Deputy Minister Piebiak gave access to the so-called "Green files" containing sensitive information about judges, people who are not authorized to do so.

Today we reveal correspondence from the newsgroups Caste / Anti Caste and Niezłomni (steadfast). At the same time, the customs of this environment come to light. During a trip to the Czech Republic, judge Iwaniec attacked the actor. "The visitor had a cross around his neck and he waved it."

I ripped "the cross from the neck of a Czech manure." He was playing priest. And I kissed it. There was smoke "- Iwaniec boasts to his colleagues (description of the whole event - see below).

Another participant of the trip, once a judge and in 2018 notary public Arkadiusz Nikiel explained: “But it's a ride. We had dinner in a large pub in the Czech Republic. There was a performance by such supposed actors. The visitor had a cross around his neck, which he waved. Jakub approached the guy and tore the cross from his neck and kissed it ”.

And in the coming days, we will reveal new details about the group of judges around Piebiak.

The records of WhatsApp conversations from the fall of 2018, which were obtained by OKO.press and Onet, show that some of the participants of this chat wrote about "destroying small pots". They called "caste" judges who criticized the changes introduced in the courts by the PiS government.

Another entry: "» Żur «[judge Waldemar Żurek - ed.] Will do a lot at the hearing with comerade Michał [Lasota - ed.]" - wrote in Anti Caste chat, deputy disciplinary commissioner Przemysław Radzik, to other participants of the discussion. This is one example of what the dialogues looked like in this environment.

Another is the entry of Maciej Nawacki, a member of the new National Council of the Judiciary, who on the day of the local government elections on October 21, 2018, wrote to his colleagues in the morning: "to the Church and sing a psalm that the Lord loves Law and Justice (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość – which is the name of the PiS ruling political party".

"The place of the ladies and gentlemen from the Supreme Court is in prison"

"Get the fuck out! The zero option in the Supreme Court "- this is how Judge Jakub Iwaniec, who was then delegated to the Ministry of Justice, an associate of Deputy Minister Łukasz Piebiak, wrote about the legal judges of the Supreme Court on 17 October 2018. Today Iwaniec is a lecturer at the National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution, shaping new judges and prosecutors.

This entry on the Anti Caste discussion group (the name changed, once it was "Kasta" Caste , once "Anti Caste") on the WhatsApp messenger was created shortly after the Supreme Court announced that it did not intend to recognize the withdrawal of the complaint by ZUS (Social Security Office), on the basis of which the Supreme Court issued in August 2018, five questions for a preliminary ruling to the European Court of Justice (CJEU). It was on the basis of these questions that the CJEU stopped the forced retirement of all judges who had reached the age of 65, as planned by the United Right. Among these people there was also supposed to be the then First President of the Supreme Court, prof. Małgorzata Gersdorf. As a result of the CJEU judgment, compulsory retirement did not take place, and Gersdorf stayed in office until the end of her term of office.

On the same day, after the entry of Iwaniec, Przemysław Radzik, deputy disciplinary commissioner for common courts judges, responded to the motion of the Supreme Court in the chat. At 11:23 am he wrote: "I hope the rulers will not run out of determination. The place of the ladies and gentlemen from the Supreme Court is in prison "..

"The pathetic promotio of a lousy lawyer who writes these aspirations to the womb with foam on the face of Gałczyńska"

The chat entries reached by journalists from OKO.press and Onet also come from earlier days. And so, on October 12, 2018, members of the group commented on Onet's article about the fact that his attorney, lawyer Jacek Dubois, was not allowed to act during the hearing by the disciplinary spokesmen of judge Igor Tuleya.

Following the link to this text, which was shared on the Anti Caste group, the current member of the Disciplinary Chamber at Supreme Court Konrad Wytrykowski, Deputy Minister Piebiak wrote: "It's nice to them [Onet - ed.] replied [Schab-ed.]". In the text discussed by the members of the group, Onet discussed the position of the central disciplinary commissioner for judges, Piotr Schab.

On the Piebiak`s entry reacted, among others Przemysław Radzik, deputy disciplinary commissioner, wrote: “It's true and he even consulted it with me. And Mr. Dibła [Dubois - ed.] Is an exceptional retard. And because he wipes my peasant surname, I will answer with a short one: kiss my ass [original spelling - ed.] ".

A member of the current National Council of the Judiciary and candidate for its next term, Dariusz Drajewicz, joined the discussion:

"Bibuła [att. Dubois - ed.] Is a thoroughbred substantive idiot but saucy ”.

Radzik wrote back: "What is the content? He does not know the elementary regulations. He wished to suspend the hearing pending the examination of a future complaint concerning the non-actionable act. In Warsaw, the Code of Criminal Procedure will probably not be adopted". Judge Drajewicz, a member of the new National Council of the Judiciary, replied that Attorney Dubois was the author of fairy tales for children.

Radzik replied: “They have no shame. Such a pathetic show of a lousy attorney who writes these sweats to the womb of Gołczyna with foam on the face. He anticipates possible accusations against him regarding the lack of professionalism and the need to exist…. He wants to provoke his dad by writing Radzik from the "region" as if it were a Nobel-sized discovery, and he writes about Schab that he considers him a good lawyer. I have authority too! One dwarf, unfortunately also mental. Radzik commissioner from the »region« - repeated so many times that it is already a classic. Just like judge Dagmara [Pawełczyk-Woicka from Kraków, from the new National Council of the Judiciary - ed.] - a school friend of minister Ziobro. Lof ".

Further, Radzik informs that this emotional entry, created in reaction to Onet's article, was written by his wife. Radzik passed it on to the group, informing the other members that his wife knew nothing about it. Because he does not know about the fact of the existence of such a group on WhatsApp messenger.

The current member of the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court, Konrad Wytrykowski, commented briefly: "The wife wrote beautifully" Deputy Minister Piebiak joined the praise with emoticons.

And Jarosław Dudzicz from the new NCJ praised: "Przemek has real guts and 007 agent!".

He added applause and clenched fists. Dudzicz is running for the second term of the new NCJ, but in March 2022 the PiS parliamentary club withdrew its recommendation, as did Łukasz Piebiak, who is also a candidate for the Council.

Radzik thanked them for the entries like this: “Thanks, guys. Together with Michał [Lasota - ed.] We are strong with your strength, ”wrote Radzik and added three emoticons with a clenched fist.

"Żur will shit himself at the hearing"

Another example of correspondence from the Anti Caste group is from October 16, 2018. When members of the group talk about the media interest in the cases of Judge Waldemar Żurek (former press spokesman of the legal National Council of the Judiciary, known for his actions in defense of the rule of law), disciplinary spokesman Radzik writes to his colleagues: - ed.] ".

This entry was a reaction to the comment by Judge Jarosław Dudzicz - a member of the current, politically elected NCJ - who, in response to one of the press publications about Judge Żurek, wrote: "It is a pity that they do not say when Judge Żurek will  shit himself, because it is also important message".

"Sing a psalm that the Lord loves Law and Justice"

Conversations on WhatsApp in the Antyksta discussion group also took place on the day of the local elections, October 21, 2018. At 8:25 am Judge Andrzej Skowron, working on a delegation at the Ministry of Justice, wrote in a chat: “Hello. Today is an important day. " Judge Maciej Nawacki - a member of the new National Council of the Judiciary and a candidate for the next term of the Council - responded to which he wrote to the chat participants: "Just to the Church and sing a psalm that the Lord loves Law and Justice".

Some members of the group supported this appeal, and a few days later, on October 23, 2018, Deputy Disciplinary Officer Przemysław Radzik asked his colleagues from the chat for special attention. And this is because the guest in "Kropka nad i" at Monika Olejnik's TVN24 was supposed to be the then 1st President of SN, Małgorzata Gersodrf.

At 7:44 pm, Radzik wrote to Antykasta's group: “Let's not miss it.

Today Monika's nickname is a daisy, a well-known prank maker, comedian and a candle - thoughtless Mysia Gersdorf. Maybe he will tell about his German homeland and about an invitation to our torture room. "

The term "torture chamber" or "caste room" was used by deputies of the disciplinary officer to describe their place of work, i.e. the office of the central disciplinary officer for judges, which is in Warsaw in a building rented by the new National Council of the Judiciary.

Piebiak to Lasota: crush the lump

The members of the group also made arrangements to chat together for joint trips. One of them was a visit at the end of October 2018 to a center in southern Poland. During the discussion of the details, Deputy Disciplinary Officer Michał Lasota informed that he would be late for this trip.

"I must still be in my caste room tomorrow morning" - wrote Lasota in the Anti Caste group on October 25, 2018. He posted his entry early in the morning, at 0:36. Just five minutes later At 06:41 Łukasz Piebiak wrote back to him: “We regret that not today. Crush a lump by the way. " They defined the judges who opposed the changes in the judiciary implemented by the ruling camp as "caste".

In response to Piebiak's entry about "bruising the kestrel", the spokesman of Lasota wrote back that he already had two candidates to bring charges. He also stressed that he would like - following the example of his colleague Przemysław Radzik, the second deputy disciplinary spokesman - to announce "today, tomorrow and Monday the day of a sad bum". As he added in the entry from 6:51 am: "Let every day be a day of a sad stump."

Piebiak reacted to such a declaration with the "applause" emoticon five times repeated. "Operational methods on props" - added Piebiak in the next entry.

Expedition to the Czech Republic. Czech police were looking for the deputy minister and his colleagues?

During the trip to the south of Poland, there was a trip to the Czech Republic. As the discussion on the Anti Caste group shows, there was an incident that was widely described. On October 26, 2018, one of the members of the group - the current member of the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court - Konrad Wytrykowski, wrote: "Kuba (Jakub) fucked all Czechs."

Iwaniec clarified, informing the chat participants: "I ripped the cross".

"Where???!!!" - asked Judge Paweł Zwolak delegated to the Ministry of Justice, who did not participate in the trip. Iwaniec specified that the cross tore "from the neck of a Czech manure. He was playing priest. I ripped [the cross-ed.]. And I kissed it. There was smoke.

Another participant in the trip, once a judge, and in 2018 notary public Arkadiusz Nikiel explained: “But it's a ride. We had dinner in a large pub in the Czech Republic. There was a performance by such supposed actors. The visitor had a cross around his neck, which he was waving. From us, Kuba approached the guest and tore the cross from his neck and kissed it”.

A few minutes later, judge Wytrykowski continued the thread: “There was a ride. The imperial militia is looking for us. " Paweł Zwolak, who did not participate in the trip, wrote back: "It's good that no Special Security assignment”. Wytrykowski replied that the entire company from the trip to the Czech Republic was „celebrating Qba”.

Deputy disciplinary spokesman, Michał Lasota, joined in with the emoticons of applause, and Maciej Nawacki, a member of the new NCJ, assessed Iwaniec's behavior: “Respect. One must boldly proclaim faith. " And then the emoticon of a clenched fist and a cross, and more, meaning loud toasts.

On the same day, after 22:00, Konrad Wytrykowski announced in a chat that a group of hikers to the Czech Republic was already in Poland.

"Managed to. The hero [Iwaniec - ed.] Is asleep, ”wrote Wytrykowski.

Commissioner Radzik orders an "anonymous" denunciation from Mala Emi

Regardless of the discussions that took place in the Anti Caste group, a small group of people were still chatting in another chat on the Signal communicator. It is about an undisclosed discussion group called "The Unbreakable" or "The Unbreakable - a group of small sabotage".

As established by OKO.press and Onet, this discussion group included: Deputy Minister Łukasz Piebiak (he was described as MS II - OF), judge Arkadiusz Cichocki (president of the Regional Court in Gliwice, nominated by the Ministry of Minister Ziobra), judge Tomasz Szmydt from the Provincial Administrative Court in Warsaw and Emil Szmydt, known as "Mala Emi" (ex wife of judge Szmydt). Later, Dariusz Drajewicz and Jarosław Dudzicz joined this group on Signal. Both from the new KRS. Emilia Szmydt joined them as group administrator.

It was during this chat that Mala Emi and Piebiak agreed, inter alia, a narrative about the need to establish a Disciplinary Chamber at the Supreme Court. The legal arguments were prepared by judge Arkadiusz Cichocki in consultation with Emilia.

At the end of August 2018, Emilia on the communicator Niezłomni (Unbreakable) asked Piebiak whether she had arranged the material in TVP News about the need to establish a Disciplinary Chamber [was broadcast on August 23, 2018 - ed.] Is a sufficient media response, or is she supposed to "fix" articles in others, favoring the ruling media. Piebiak replied: “Very good. The news is great, but let others give it too. Order at your discretion. "

Shortly after, on August 28, 2018, Emilia Szmydt informed the other chat participants - Łukasz Piebiak, Tomasz Szmydt and Arkadiusz Cichocki - that "Przemek [Radzik - ed.] Wrote a request for denunciation." She further wrote that for personal reasons she is unable to meet the request of the disciplinary spokesman, Radzik, and asks the other members of the group for help.

What was it about? On August 28, 2018, at 22:30, spokesman Radzik wrote a message to Emilia Szmydt in connection with the critical post of judge Waldemar Żurek on Twitter regarding a member of the NCJ, Maciej Nawacki.

"Hello Emi. Don't you think that some honest citizen should inform me about the content of Żurek's statement about Maciej Nawacki? It's nice to have a screen of this statement attached, ”wrote spokesman Radzik to Mała Emi.

Shortly thereafter, Mala Emi informed the other members of the Stalwarts chat about Radzik's request for denunciation. Judge Arkadiusz Cichocki wrote back to her that it would be better for a postro person to make such a denunciation nna, and Piebiak (described as MS II - OF) then commented on it with a short: "Gall anonym". It is not known whether any denunciation of judge Żurek ultimately ended up with the disciplinary officer.

Full list of Caste / Anti Caste newsgroup members

Among the participants of the Kasta / Antykasta group on WhatsApp in the fall of 2018 was the then Deputy Minister of Justice Łukasz Piebiak. He did not react in any way to the questions we sent on April 13, 2022 regarding his participation in the chat. The two deputies of the chief disciplinary commissioners appointed by Zbigniew Ziobro - Przemysław Radzik and Michał Lasota, also did not answer our questions.

The chat discussion was also attended by judges delegated to the Ministry of Justice - Paweł Zwolak and Andrzej Skowron. The latter did not answer the questions. And Judge Zwolak threatened us with legal consequences in the event of alleged violations of his reputation.

Judge Konrad Wytrykowski from the Disciplinary Chamber did not answer the questions, although he posted a mocking entry on Twitter. He was ironic that he was waiting for questions about participation in the Fly Agaric group. He also recommended reading Article 49 of the Constitution and Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. The first speaks of "freedom and protection of the secret of communication". The second says, among others on the right to respect for correspondence.

The members of the new NCJ - Maciej Nawacki, Dariusz Drajewicz and Rafał Puchalski - did not respond to the questions sent to them. Jakub Iwaniec, who according to our interlocutors - judges Arkadiusz Cichocki and Tomasz Szmydt - was the administrator of the group on WhatsApp, refused to make any comment, and also forbade us to contact him "in any form".

The existence of the discussion group on the WhatsApp Onet communicator was revealed in a series of texts in August 2019. After the publications, Deputy Minister of Justice Łukasz Piebiak lost his function.

We publish the entire list of 24 people who were supposed to belong to a discussion group called Kasta / Antykasta. The list was made by judge Arkadiusz Cichocki, who belonged to this group. Not all members of this newsgroup took an active part in the discussions. They also did not have to read the entries or approve of their content. They were also assigned to this group at different times and could disconnect from it. In addition, not all of these members acted and agreed with other individuals. Only some of the people did it.

We asked all 24 people whether they belonged to the Kasta / Antykasta group. The vast majority did not answer our question.

According to Arkadiusz Cichocki, the group also included prosecutor Mariusz Dubowski, currently the head of the Regional  Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw. When asked about participation in this discussion group, he replied that he did not belong to it.

And he added: "At the same time, I would like to inform you that further actions aimed at any connection of myself with the alleged activity of the group indicated by you, and thus attempts to slander about the conduct that would expose me to losing the trust needed for my profession and position, will result in taking action protection in civil and criminal proceedings ”.

Below is a list of members of the Kasta / Antykasta discussion group, as reported by Judge Cichocki. Status for 2018, similarly to the positions and functions of the following:

1. SSR (district court judge) Jakub Iwaniec, judge in Warsaw-Mokotów, delegated to the Ministry of Justice - group administrator on WhatsApp

2. SSR Jarosław Dudzicz, president of the SO (regional court) in Gorzów Wielkopolski, member of the new NCJ

3. SSR Dariusz Drajewicz, vice-president of SO in Warsaw, member of the new NCJ

4. SSR Maciej Mitera, president of the SR (district court) for Warsaw-Śródmieście, member of the new NCJ

5. SSR Maciej Nawacki, president of SR in Olsztyn, member of the new NCJ

6. SSR Rafał Puchalski, president of SO in Rzeszów, member of the new NCJ

7. SSR Dariusz Kliś, president of SO in Jelenia Góra

8. SSO (regional court judge) Konrad Wytrykowski, president of the SA (court of appeal) in Wrocław (currently in the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court)

9. SSR Rafał Stasikowski, president of SO in Katowice (now in the Supreme Administrative Court)

10. SSR Andrzej Skowron, SR in Tarnów, delegated to the Ministry of Justice

11. SSO Arkadiusz Cichocki, president of SO in Gliwice

12. SSR Ireneusz Wiliczkiewicz, vice-president of SO in Gliwice

13. SSR Andrzej Michałowicz, president of SO in Słupsk (privately husband of Joanna Kołodziej-Michałowicz, member of the new NCJr)

14. SSR Przemysław Radzik, president of the SR in Krosno Odrzańskie, deputy disciplinary commissioner for judges of common courts

15. SSR Michał Lasota, President of the SR in Nowe Miasto Lubawskie, deputy disciplinary spokesman for judges of common courts

16. SWSA Tomasz Szmydt from the Provincial Administrative Court in Warsaw, delegated to the Ministry of Justice

17. SSR Łukasz Piebiak, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Justice

18. SSR Paweł Zwolak, director of the department of administrative supervision at the Ministry of Justice

19. SSR Paweł Mroczkowski, director of the legislative department of civil law at the Ministry of Justice

20. SSR Michał Bukiewicz, president of the SR for Warsaw Praga-Południe

21. SSR Marcin Kulikowski, president of the SR in Tarnowskie Góry

22. Prosecutor Mariusz Dubowski, Regional  Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw (privately husband of sister Joanna Kołodziej-Michałowicz from the new NCJ)

23. Notary public Arkadiusz Nikiel, former SSR in Tarnowskie Góry

24. SSR Remigiusz Guz, president of the SR in Wodzisław Śl. - left the group in February or March 2018.

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