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European Judges stand behind Igor

On January 20, 2021, at 12:00, at the National Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, Poland, judge Igor Tuleya was notified to be formally heard.

The “ad hoc” promoted and politically subservient prosecutor Czesław Stanisławczyk intends to charge judge Igor Tuleya with accusations of abuse of judicial power in the performance of his judicial duties.

Judge Igor Tuleya does not intend to appear at this hearing since he consistently argues that the ruling of the illegal Disciplinary Chamber of the Polish Supreme Court to revoke his judicial immunity is invalid following the preliminary decision of the European Court of Justice.

EAJ expresses, once again, its full solidarity to Judge Tuleya and to all independent judges in Poland.

You can read more about this case on the websites of EAJ / UIM and of our national member, the Association of Polish Judges “IUSTITIA“.