Jesteśmy niezależnym, apolitycznym i samorządnym stowarzyszeniem polskich sędziów.
Naszą główną misją jest obrona wolności i praw obywatelskich, fundamentu demokratycznej Polski, należącej do Unii Europejskiej.
Działamy od ponad 25 lat, w tym w międzynarodowych organizacjach sędziowskich Skupiamy ponad 3 500 sędziów, najwięcej w Polsce.

Iustitia yesterday and today

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We are the largest association of judges in Poland with more than 3,500 members in 33 branches throughout Poland, which constitutes approx. 1/3 of the total number of judges.

The strength of our Association is not only its size but above all the foundations on which it is built. They are the cornerstone of the democratic rule of law, in particular the constitutional principle of independence of courts and judges.

At the foundation of the Association, founded in 1990. (Initially under the name of the Association of Acting Judges "Justice") built a beautiful story, which is largely long-term co-CEO Maria Teresa Romer.

Member of the Association can be any judge of the court of general, administrative, military and the Supreme Court, on the same basis. Just submit membership declaration.

The Association is active in many fields, both at the central level, where it operates 10 task teams, and in the branches. Strong, autonomous agencies are the basis for the functioning and development of the Association.

What is important ti us - the matters of government, especially the judiciary system. By Team of the Organization of the Judiciary we give opinions on bills-of-law drafts present our own ideas. In this context, it should be also mentioned, that the Team for a Better Functioning of the Judiciary, which a few years ago has prepared draft amendments to the legislation, which later was published in a book "The court for the citizen."

Acting in the spirit of cooperation and social dialogue association organized under the patronage of the President and the Supreme Court, the Round Table for the Judiciary, which has invited representatives of other government, local authorities and legal organizations, and other NGOs.

A development of this idea is the agreement Governments Unions and Associations Law, which was established on 09.24.2015.

Because we know how important a good law is, and how destructive its spoiling is, a significant part of our business provides opinions on draft laws. Deal including Teams of Civil Law and Criminal Law.

We are taking action to educate the legal community. They formed a special team that develops the initiative taken in the Branches. The result of this activity is a unique legal guide for youth "Legal aid kit - Lex without tears", developed under the guidance of the Department of Silesia.

For statutory purposes of the Association to be the representation of the professional and social interests of the judicial community, taking care of the authority of judges and rightful position in society. A special role in this respect are two teams: Information and Media Team and Team for Monitoring disciplinary and Immunity proceedings. We take a number of actions to improve the image of judges and courts of public opinion, also in electronic media. We try to be the voice of an environment that is devoid of a nationwide representation. Providing support to the judges and the rights of the defense in the disciplinary proceedings are treated as one of the guarantees of judicial independence.

We are active in the international arena, as a member of the International Assotiation of Judges (IAJ), the European Judges Union (EAJ) and the Association "European Judges and Prosecutors for Democracy and Freedom" (MEDEL). We are much interested in the situation of the judiciary abroad, especially where the democratic rule of law are violated. We show solidarity judges who are affected by repression, eg. In Turkey.

One of the most important elements are measures to the unity and integration of the environment and professional development. Solidarity and the lack of division between judges are the terms of the achievements of our goals. To accomplish these goals we organize training courses and conferences. Action without precedent in terms of the importance and scale of the project, is the extraordinary Congress of Judges, convened jointly with other associations of judges and the National Council of the Judiciary on 03.09.2016 r., In which the organization as a lens focused all the fundamental values for ​​"Iustitia" .

Our Association is in fact primarily a community of these values. What unites us is the belief of the menial role of judges to the State, the need to active judges in the public space, based on internal cooperation and with other actors in society. We want a strong, independent judiciary is not for judges but for the society that the courts sees defender and guarantor of their rights.